Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poll Results: Edenism Thumbs Down; Treasure Hunters = High; Garden Chic = Low

Two polls running simultaneously on the blog have ended and the results are in!

First, I'm happy to confirm that the results were unanimous ( 100%) that the term "Edenism" didn't have a chance to replace the term French Chic. In case you missed it, and don't know anything about the term, Edenism, a reprint of that post may be read below:

Interiors Design Intelligence is putting out the word that one of the hottest new trends for 2008 is Edenism ( as in the Garden of Eden). The look is described as dreamy with pastels (blue, mauve, pink) surrounded by dazzling sparkle and metal tones in gold and silver - a catalyst for a Marie Antoinette Moment. There's a pop-up slide-show at this link that shows one room evocative of the Marie Antoinette movie set. Oh my, this is sumptous stuff. But can we even remember Edenism long enough to make it a household name?

Psst. We already know it as French Chic; so, French Chic + Marie Antoinette Luxury = Edenism. (Taking French Chic over the top?)

The second poll helped to identify the motivation behind preferences for romantic shabby chic decor. It was titled: What Kind of CHIC are You?. The highest percentage of participants indicated they were Treasure CHIC-ers ; and, Garden Chics, surprising to me, scored next to the lowest percentage. Comfy Chics was the lowest percentile.

Complete results in percentiles are as follows:

  • I'll never give it up. This trend has opened a treasure trove of potential decorative possibilities for me -and on a budget I can afford. Call me Forever Chic.(51%)

  • This trend nurtures my feminine soul. Definitely, Romantic Chic.(48%)

  • I love using family heirlooms, old family photos, anything that I remember from my childhood. I'm a Nostalgia Chic.(48%)

  • It's the thrill of finding a vintage piece of anything to be refreshed and saved, I love the hunt. At heart, I'm a Treasure CHIC-er.(64%)

  • I love the pastel colors, the ambiance of tranquility I create for my own little tranquil retreat from the world. When I'm there, I'm a very Serene Chic.(51%)

  • I have a little bit of shabby, a little bit of country, and a whole lot of family. It's cozy, warm, and easy to live with and keep. I'm one Comfy Chic.(40%)

  • It's the roses and florals. I have them everywhere. I'm a Garden Chic.(44%)

  • I love white, glitz, and sparkle and lots of shabby architecture. I'm a Glitzy Chic.(48%)

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