Sunday, January 27, 2008

Art: Telling A Story With My Paintbrush

Don't forget all photos enlarge when clicked.

Above: Cherubic Guardian of Bluebirds & Nest

Copyright 2007: Original Painting by Devonia;

Rendered on Exquisitely Fragile Antique Concave Glass;
Framed in Delicate Gold Filigree with
Crown of Handpiped Barbola Vintage Style Roses

Above: Two Courtin' Crows by Devonia

Textile Design 1985

Above: Goose & Kittens

Textile Design by Devonia 1985

In my heart-of-hearts, I have always harbored a secret desire to illustrate children's stories. From the early designs for fabric art patterns to my current work, I think much of my art reflects that desire. The above photos show my inclination to allow my art to suggest a story. I hope it says something to you.

If you enjoyed seeing these photos of my artwork, you might enjoy seeing my Art Gallery. See link below.


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Marie said...

Beautiful work! E-mail me!

Sue Ellen Cowan said...

You are a natural for illustrating children's stories. You should try writing a story and illustrating it, you never know what may happen. That way at least you won't have to say "I wonder if"!! Good luck with it.

suzanne said...

stunningly gorgwous painting!!

suzanne said...

I added you to my blog favorites. In the above comment i ment gorgeous. I need to go back to school and brush up on my typing skills lol.

Devonia said...

Sue Ellen: Thank you so much. Your original painting "Morning Glow" that I saw on your blog, Art Bistro - Fine Artworks at, just takes my breath.

Devonia said...

Suzanne, Thank you for taking time to peek in! I'm so honored to be added to your lovely blog, Shabby Cottage Designs. I included both sites to my page - your items available at your shop are so fresh and unique, always leaves me drooling. How, oh how, do you turn out so many beautiful pastel rose paintings? I better get to work or there won't be a wall left in the world to hold one of mine! You will have filled them all up!

Anonymous said...

Those are so beautiful. I agree you should illustrate children's books. I still having forgotten about posting the "other" house. I'll let you know when. Thanks again. Pam

Devonia said...

Pam, awww thank you.It seems fitting that your blog, Life on a Southern Farm, found at, could make me want to stir up your recipe for down home southern mouth-watering homemade biscuits plus leave me breathless waiting for your post and lots of photos (puhleeze) of your antebellum southern mansion. I can't wait, so let me know the sec you post it.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love that cherub with the bluebirds! It's breathtaking!