Friday, April 25, 2008

In Time For Mother's Day: BEST Online Free D.I.Y. Fabulous SPRING WREATH Video I've Ever Seen!

A spring wreath, made of an assortment of loose flowers, is soooo fabulous, so wonderful, soooooo colorful that it takes your breath. After watching this step-by-step video by Mark Ballard, you'll be as convinced as I that you can make it for pennies on the dollars. More than that, you won't be able to wait to try it. Trust me on this, there's none online better.

From Mark, (Thanks Mark!) you'll learn

  • How To Organize Your Colors Before You Begin
  • How To Balance Colors Within The Wreath
  • How To Create A Focal Point
  • How To Keep It Natural
  • How To Keep It AIRY
  • How To Taper Off The Spray

Run Here Fast as Your Mouse Will Take You.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

D.I.Y. : ADD-A-CORK To Create Wine or Bottle Stoppers From Old Crystal Knobs, Billiard Balls, Finials

Recently, I used an old crystal doorknob for a stopper for a bottle filled with pink colored water. It worked perfectly and I liked it so much that I started thinking of ways to really use them... and other items as stoppers. I was thinking particularly about the fragrance bottles I have that are missing stoppers; but, a little research and I realized that somebody (and maybe lots of somebodies) had already beat me to developing this "stopper" idea.

I think you'll agree these are waaay creative uses - I was especially taken with the billiard ball stoppers - clever gift idea! Father's Day is coming up soon and there might be other hobby-related things that might work perfectly for the men in our lives. Fishing lures? Golf balls? Still thinking here... An ornate metal doorknob stopper could be monogrammed for a personalized and soooo elegant wedding or commemorative anniversary gift.

And the bottles don't have to be wine bottles? Maybe salad dressing bottles? Fragrance bottles?
Bubble Bath? Linen Waters? A neat bottle of something with a special stopper would be a great gift basket starter...

Here's a link for buying already made with great variety and good prices! Knob Stoppers

And here's a link for D.I.Y. stopper-makers. (like me) :) This shows a step-by-step tutorial with photos for adding corks to your toppers. Click here

Friday, April 11, 2008

As Pretty As I could Make Them...

I now have the antique crib settee and the washstand below listed.
I don't think I could have given the bed up but I have a wicker one
that's a little larger (I think) that I'm going to keep. I think I
previously about how thrilled I was to find it in my hubby's shed
when all this time I thought he had sold my bed at Canton. I just love
these as settees - isn't it inviting and just... divine?!?!?

The washstand , you can see a bit below,
is in whisper soft pink ( so hard to
photograph because, truly, it's barely there). Outside
in the Texas sun, it's so pale that it appears white - not
pink at all. I did something new with the colors and it's
so "fresh". I whitewashed the trim in the palest apple
green, very diluted, and it's amazing how much doing that
added to it.

Click any photo to enlarge

Click any photo to enlarge

Click any photo to enlarge

Click any photo to enlarge

Click any photo to enlarge

Here's a peek at a few pretties I've listed -I hope you enjoy seeing them - some are really previews because I don't have e'thing listed yet.

Since there is much, much more to be listed (I've been painting lots of furniture) I'm going to add an eBay To Go Link to my auctions on the side bar.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eco-Housing: Greener Than The Jolly Giant's Thumb!

First!!!! Take a good look at the living treehouse!
The latice work? - That's the trunks
of the trees rooted in the ground.

My Rant:
When politicians scold the populace (thee & me) about the environment, eco-housing, eco-thrift, & our eco-lifestyle- it always gives me pause begging the question - "Just how green can their BIG houses be?". "Awwww," I say to 'em, "Go Live in a Treehouse!".

Recently I tripped over this very "Green House" - one I'd love to have as a fun little nook. Just think of the romantic potential this has. Sigh... Candles, flowers, a loaf of bread and .....

Read more about it at Arborsmith Studios. Obviously, this is a MAJOR D.I.Y. project.I think all the politicians who preach to us while living in those mammoth homes that eat up our resources in huge gulps should go live in one- not near this nice, either.

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