Monday, November 26, 2007

Sharing: Because Ideas Create Even More Ideas

Many years ago, I designed and developed a line of contempory wall hangings to be introduced at the Home Furnishing market in Dallas, Texas. When my rep saw the line, there was much ooohing and ahhing and remarks such as - "This is your best line yet" "Incredible!" "Every piece will fly out of here!"... sigh, the more I heard, the more depressed I became. My rep, who owned permanent showrooms in every strategic home furnishing market, had a vast background in art, decor, design and marketing. When it became apparent to her that the raves were upsetting me, she asked why. I admitted I was anxious - because I only had three short designing months before the next line had to be offered. What if this was the best I could ever do? How would I top it!?!?! I was an exhausted blank - not one glimmer of an idea for the next line on my drawing board.

I'll never forget what she said___ Ideas Develop From Ideas ___

She explained that we see something newly designed - off our mind goes - and soon our next original idea is developing. She was right; my next line was even better.Below, there is a magnet dollhouse theatre and it's special just as is . But, do keep your mind open to other ways to use the basic components. How about a bulletin board behind the shutters to house your combination office/memo/organization center? Please share your ideas - and keep the creative circle going.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Antique & Vintage Rhinestone Wreath by Debbie Del Rosario

Click HERE for DIY Tips

You may see Debbie's beautiful home featured as The Cottage of the Month for November, 2007, at Jennifer Grey's website ,

My immensely talented friend, Debbie, has the most breathtaking Christmas trims you could ever imagine that she has created mostly with her own hands. All of her Christmas creations, ornaments and trees are stunning . This gorgeous, knock-your-eyes-out wreath is just an appetizer -Debbie has promised many more photos for me to share.

Debbie created this wreath with vintage & antique rhinestone jewelry collected one piece at a time. Pins, clips, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers have been chosen to add to family heirloom pieces.

If you have a collection of vintage rhinestone jewelry and would like to make something similar - be sure and visit Many Shades of Shabby by Devonia Projects DIY Instruction Page for additional details from Debbie that you might find very helpful. Thanks, Debbie!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Carol Hicks Bolton - The Belle of Texas Chic

If you think that Texas Chic is all about bluebonnets and Longhorn steers, take a look at some of Carol Hicks Bolton's offerings in furniture, fabrics and lighting

Now the owner of one of the most unique stores in all of Texas - and certainly in Hico, Texas - (about sixty miles from Dallas) Homestead and Friends.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Edenism : Could This Become The Next Romantic Decor Genre?

Interiors Design Intelligence is putting out the word that one of the hottest new trends for 2008 is Edenism ( as in the Garden of Eden). The look is described as dreamy with pastels (blue, mauve, pink) surrounded by dazzling sparkle and metal tones in gold and silver - a catalyst for a Marie Antoinette Moment. There's a pop-up slide-show at this link that shows one room evocative of the Marie Antoinette movie set. Oh my, this is sumptous stuff. But can we even remember Edenism long enough to make it a household name? Winner or Loser? Please cast your vote in the Poll.

Psst. We already know it as French Chic; so, French Chic + Marie Antoinette Luxury = Edenism. (Taking French Chic over the top?)

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ATTENTION: Watch for this product to be HOT! Golden Bead Gel

Gina Wolfrum has graciously shared her photo of an exquisite example she produced from Golden Bead Gel. (click on photos to enlarge)

You must meet Gina, a cutting-edge master of elegant finishes in murals, ceilings, furniture and accessories.

Her work is synonymous with adjectives such as elegant, magnificent, and awesome that make you stare in awe, wide-eyed, wondering...

How could anyone paint All of THAT while they are miles above a floor?

A link to her website, Elegant Finishes by Gina, will remain available listed always as a trend setter; an accolade she has surely earned. Can you imagine a ceiling embossed with hundreds of Swarovski crystals? Gina did and has done several - including a nursery with a twinkling stars and another graced with an exquisite salon flair. Thanks, Gina.

I've also added a link for Golden Artists Colors, available at most craft stores. You'll need it once you enlarge the photo sample above a and check out Gina's website. Golden Bead Gel is a translucent when dry - gel - requiring whisper-thin application, that I anticipate may well turn out to be one of the most important new products to be discovered by artisans in the romantic genre.

This gel has micro clear glass beads that add texture, sparkle, and shine when dried. Think of adding tiny touches to brocade silk lampshades, to Christmas ornaments, to rose wallpaper, to stenciling, to any paper or paint project, to seashells, to painted signs, to literally any project - from your ceilings to your walls - if a subtle dazzle would add the ultimate finishing touch. It's exciting, it's new and it's waiting for you to make it your own in your decor.

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How Many Chics Can I Name?

Click here for DIY instructions for Shellwork Mirror.

First the photo (click the photo to enlarge) is a shellwork mirror piece of mine that was inspired by some fabulous pieces I found online, from the The Cloutier Collection at b.b. simon. I'll provide a permanent link to the site in TREND SETTER . You will find the most extravagant, gorgeous pieces in dazzling rhinestones and others in seashells. Even the little boxes are simply exquisite. There are candleholders, frames, mirrors, crosses, and even rhinestone chandeliers that will take your breath.

My mirror was so much fun. I designed a seashell wreath, gilded many of the shells with 18K gold, added a very old clip-on Christmas ornament porcelain milk glass bird, crusted the wings with seed pearls, added even more pearl accents.

For complete instructions click following link: Many Shades of Shabby Projects.

Now for the List of Chics:

Well, first there was shabby, then oh my, there's a lot of chics! These are right off the top of my head and not in alphabetical order - but I'll began with

Architectural, Attic, Antique, Beach, Baby, Cottage, Classic, Christmas, Country, Comfy, Garden, Junkyard, Re-poshed, Apartment, Country, Loft, Timeworn, Vintage, Victorian, Olde World, Victorian plus two states, Texas & California, and two country related chics, French & English, and one international city, Paris - ahem, I now need to breathe.

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Rachel Ashwell ® Shabby Chic ® -

Ashwell is the creator of the decorating trend which gave explicit permission for women to tap into their feminine side, to rediscover "sweet and pretty". Even the most modern career women, who kicked and screamed when their mothers tried to keep them in frilly pink bedrooms, have embraced the freedom to romance their surroundings.

Never in my lifetime have I seen a decorating trend capture the hearts of so many, so quickly, and I thank Rachel for it from the bottom of my shabby heart.

Within the trend, a cottage industry was born. Women began to explore possibilities with new eyes and new ideas. Many, with untapped talents or well-developed skills began to find a market for vintage cast-aways - re-poshed to serve in beauty once again.

I am a small part of that cottage industry. I paint a little. Would I have painted my husband's hands with an offering of plucked garden roses had it not been for Rachel? I think not. Thanks, Rachel.

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