Monday, January 21, 2008

eBay: Wishing Upon A Star

In the face of rampant rumors that e-Bay will soon be introducing a newly restructured fee system for auction listings (raising eBay fees); it might be a good time for sellers to address the unfair star system that allows buyers to rate sellers according to the services provided. The two stars most relentlessly left tarnished are the star ratings for shipping time and shipping costs. That's ironic because it is the one service that sellers have little or no control over. Sellers do not set shipping rates nor can they control shipping time once the item is delivered into the shipper's hands.

This is absolutely a no-win situation for the sellers. Most sellers clearly state what their fees will be within the auction description. If a seller ships the quickest way, the cost is prohibitive. If a seller ships the least expensive way, it takes much longer for the buyer to receive the item. Amazingly, even "free" shipping has been known to receive poor ratings. All of us, buyers and sellers alike, hate that shipping fees are steadily increasing; and as sellers, we certainly sympathize with the buyer's inclination to voice their frustration somewhere- we just wish it wasn't our stars. All of us, both buyers and sellers, resent those rotten apple sellers who grossly overcharge for shipping and handling or fail to ship in a timely manner.

There has to be a way to address both the good sellers who receive unfair blemishes for shipping times and costs and those really rotten apples who make it difficult for both buyers and sellers.

I am going to drop this suggestion into the eBay Suggestion Box:

Dear eBay Decision Makers: As a seller, I may be "wishing upon a star"; however, if eBay could grant me, as a seller, one wish - it would be that eBay drop the unfair stars that currently rates Shipping time and Shipping and Handling charges in favor of a star that would benefit both seller and buyer:

Would You Buy From This Seller Again?

After all, eBay, isn't this the heart of what all sellers and all buyers really hope to learn from feedback?

If you would care to wish upon a star with others, feel free to copy and paste the above request and drop it into eBay's suggestion box HERE.

It isn't even necessary to include your seller id.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the ebay star system. I use to sell and buy on ebay but not lately. I like your ebay widget. I didn't know they had those. Thanks for visiting my site too.

Devonia said...

Thank you for your comment. This was an off-subject post; but, because fees and unfair rating practices are among the reason for much defection of too many eBayers, thus diminishing the availability of so many lovely items on eBay, I thought it important.

The eBay widget is "eBay to Go" and you can custom make your own for your blog, should you need one, by simply clicking on mine.

Hugs, Devonia

Anonymous said...

Hi Devonia. I just e-mail you but in case you didn't get the email, yes you can certainly post my blog article or link. I appreciate your comments and thanks. Good luck on your site.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I totally agree with you. eBay's star system on shipping times and rates is very unfair. I have been an eBay seller for years with a 100% rating and my only blemish was a not so polished star on shipping. I only ever charged exact shipping on every item I sent out. Go figure. :)

Devonia said...

Lynn, it's grossly unfair, I think. Like you, Lynn, I've eBayed for over ten years and I resent having a tarnished stars over something that I can't control. I'll be peeking in on your "Vintage Nest" to see every new vintage feather you add. Thank you for your comment.