Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tooo Neat!

Confetti Scissors? I love these! Available at the Container Store (and coming to a Michael's near me, soon, I hope!)

Wall Street Journal Market Watch: Princess is the Crowning Style in Japan Fashion ~ Marie Antoinette~ Roses, Frou-frou, Fifi, & More! You gotta see this video~

Kale? Twinkling Topiaries Suspended for Christmas I've always loved kale; but I've never thought of hanging it. Makes a lovely front porch appeal focal point from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Does this remind you of hanging mistletoe balls? Complete photo how-to here.

Cream Walls with A Sharpie: Pretty Sharp ( Why didn't I think of this?) Although I would never do this, I have to admit it caught my eye and popped both wide open. WOW! On second thought, if I had a basement family area, I really might! You have to check out the WHOLE basement play room to really appreciate how much decor impact this fellow managed with only ten dollars spent on Sharpies. An amazing pan view can be seen here.

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