Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 Color of the Year: Blue Iris

For 340.00 dollars, you can purchase a PANTONE® VIEW home + interiors 2008 color forecast kit that will introduce new or revamped color combinations for use in home interiors. However, Pantone is the first to announce their 2008 forecast for COLOR OF THE YEAR, Blue Iris - and that information is free.

The color is exactly the beautiful clear purple-blue that we all associate with irises. I love the color and look forward to seeing the many ways it will be used. Although Pantone is one of the major leaders in color, they will never have the final word on color.

WE, the consumers will have the final say; and, it will be interesting to see our choice.

The color is gorgeous! I can certainly see it as accents and varying hues in shabby decor. I can't see myself investing in large pieces of it because it is a bit strong and could be jarring. But oh my, sigh, looking at it makes me yearn for spring...

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