Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eco-Housing: Greener Than The Jolly Giant's Thumb!

First!!!! Take a good look at the living treehouse!
The latice work? - That's the trunks
of the trees rooted in the ground.

My Rant:
When politicians scold the populace (thee & me) about the environment, eco-housing, eco-thrift, & our eco-lifestyle- it always gives me pause begging the question - "Just how green can their BIG houses be?". "Awwww," I say to 'em, "Go Live in a Treehouse!".

Recently I tripped over this very "Green House" - one I'd love to have as a fun little nook. Just think of the romantic potential this has. Sigh... Candles, flowers, a loaf of bread and .....

Read more about it at Arborsmith Studios. Obviously, this is a MAJOR D.I.Y. project.I think all the politicians who preach to us while living in those mammoth homes that eat up our resources in huge gulps should go live in one- not near this nice, either.

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1 comment:

Angel said...

Nice house! Green came into all spheres of our lives. And I like it )))