Friday, November 16, 2007

Rachel Ashwell ® Shabby Chic ® -

Ashwell is the creator of the decorating trend which gave explicit permission for women to tap into their feminine side, to rediscover "sweet and pretty". Even the most modern career women, who kicked and screamed when their mothers tried to keep them in frilly pink bedrooms, have embraced the freedom to romance their surroundings.

Never in my lifetime have I seen a decorating trend capture the hearts of so many, so quickly, and I thank Rachel for it from the bottom of my shabby heart.

Within the trend, a cottage industry was born. Women began to explore possibilities with new eyes and new ideas. Many, with untapped talents or well-developed skills began to find a market for vintage cast-aways - re-poshed to serve in beauty once again.

I am a small part of that cottage industry. I paint a little. Would I have painted my husband's hands with an offering of plucked garden roses had it not been for Rachel? I think not. Thanks, Rachel.

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suzanne said...

beautiful, beautiful roses!! Stop by my blog anytime.