Friday, November 16, 2007

How Many Chics Can I Name?

Click here for DIY instructions for Shellwork Mirror.

First the photo (click the photo to enlarge) is a shellwork mirror piece of mine that was inspired by some fabulous pieces I found online, from the The Cloutier Collection at b.b. simon. I'll provide a permanent link to the site in TREND SETTER . You will find the most extravagant, gorgeous pieces in dazzling rhinestones and others in seashells. Even the little boxes are simply exquisite. There are candleholders, frames, mirrors, crosses, and even rhinestone chandeliers that will take your breath.

My mirror was so much fun. I designed a seashell wreath, gilded many of the shells with 18K gold, added a very old clip-on Christmas ornament porcelain milk glass bird, crusted the wings with seed pearls, added even more pearl accents.

For complete instructions click following link: Many Shades of Shabby Projects.

Now for the List of Chics:

Well, first there was shabby, then oh my, there's a lot of chics! These are right off the top of my head and not in alphabetical order - but I'll began with

Architectural, Attic, Antique, Beach, Baby, Cottage, Classic, Christmas, Country, Comfy, Garden, Junkyard, Re-poshed, Apartment, Country, Loft, Timeworn, Vintage, Victorian, Olde World, Victorian plus two states, Texas & California, and two country related chics, French & English, and one international city, Paris - ahem, I now need to breathe.

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PatchworkQuiltLover said...

Quilts are often associated with shabby chic or cottage chic styles. I have invited my visitors to see your unofficial list of chic styles.