Monday, November 26, 2007

Sharing: Because Ideas Create Even More Ideas

Many years ago, I designed and developed a line of contempory wall hangings to be introduced at the Home Furnishing market in Dallas, Texas. When my rep saw the line, there was much ooohing and ahhing and remarks such as - "This is your best line yet" "Incredible!" "Every piece will fly out of here!"... sigh, the more I heard, the more depressed I became. My rep, who owned permanent showrooms in every strategic home furnishing market, had a vast background in art, decor, design and marketing. When it became apparent to her that the raves were upsetting me, she asked why. I admitted I was anxious - because I only had three short designing months before the next line had to be offered. What if this was the best I could ever do? How would I top it!?!?! I was an exhausted blank - not one glimmer of an idea for the next line on my drawing board.

I'll never forget what she said___ Ideas Develop From Ideas ___

She explained that we see something newly designed - off our mind goes - and soon our next original idea is developing. She was right; my next line was even better.Below, there is a magnet dollhouse theatre and it's special just as is . But, do keep your mind open to other ways to use the basic components. How about a bulletin board behind the shutters to house your combination office/memo/organization center? Please share your ideas - and keep the creative circle going.

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