Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Privacy Window: Lets Light & Color IN & Keeps Curious Eyes OUT

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For years, as much as I wanted to open the blinds to my sliding glass door and let the beauty of morning light fill the room, I didn't. And I didn't, primarily, because though the back yard was a wonder in the morning with filtered sunlight through the trees and birds that I wanted to watch - it also offered a straight view, from the alley, right to the table where I was having my coffee. The trash men rode high enough to see right over the fence, into my room - and who knows, I might not be decent. Sooo those blinds remained closed.

This morning when I flung the blinds wide open, I examined my solution and realized that ten years later it has proven to be one of my better projects - it still looks great, in fact the colors have faded a little on the leaves making them even prettier and for years it has continued providing me with both privacy and all the morning wonders of my back yard .

The project was quick and easy . I went off to my fave craft store, purchased faux stained glass paint, created leaves and vines. Then on the lower half only, I filled in the clear gaps with frosted clear - just took my fingers and rubbed it straight on in a back and forth overlapping pattern. It created the effect of frosted crackled glass, beautiful in itself, and also kept anyone from seeing anything but a blur within the room. The upper clear part lets all of the light inside and altogether, the effect is much like a kaleidoscope of color that changes with the seasons and weather - but is always, always beautiful. It's easier to clean than just plain glass doors too - I love it.

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Country French Antiques said...

Well thats pretty cool and looks good too!
I have given you a "Brilliant Blog" award.
If you want to play, post in on your blog wirth a link back to me and pass it on to 7 other blogs you feel are worthy. You can also tell 5 things about yourself.
Have a wonderful day!

Marilyn said...

Devonia, What a great idea!I did something similar to a bathroom window. I love having a window in the bathroom, but it's so hard to have both privacy and let some light in at the same time.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

GREAT idea! My front door has a similar problem and this might be the answer. Thanks!
Patricia :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Devonia! I love the design you painted on the door. It is beautiful. I am always delighted with your talent.
Well, it has been a long, hot, dry summer around here. I did have a wonderful garden despite the weather. Soon I shall have time to visit around more.
P.S. I still haven't forgotten your special recipe card.
Have a great day!

Kathy said...

What a great solution to the privacy problem! I read your blog often although I don't usually leave comments. Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy seeing your work. You're very talented!