Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gifts for me: The Most Beautiful Cherubic Figurines Ever!

Debbie Del Rosario is a friend straight from heaven. She recently sent me a pair of the most gorgeous cherubs I've ever seen or will ever see. All mine! Mine! MINE!!! ( See one of my pair above) Both are delicately and artistically laden with Swarovski Crystals - from their crowns to their ankles.

When I saw them, my mouth dropped and I looked and looked at all of the intricate details she had created. These are gifts that I will treasure until I die, and as Debbie is fond of saying, I may just request that both of the cherubs be buried with me!

Right now only two of her exquisite cherubs are available on eBay. Divine, they are simply mouth-watering divine. It's not too early to think Mother's Day - I know they made my day!
Thank you again and again, Deb.

This one below is one of two now available on eBay

(Click to enlarge it and see it better)

Click here to see both on eBay


celestina marie said...

Hi Devonia, WOW!! you lucky girl to be blessed by your friend with the gorgeous Cherubs. Just too beautiful. Thank you for sharing these beauties and your friends talent!
La Rea Rose

Anonymous said...

Hey Devonia,
You must have E.S.P. because I was thinking of you before your visit.
You remember the other house I told you about? Well, I am in the process of telling how we built it. Not quite to that part though. Anyway I was thinking I needed to tell you about it and there you were.
I love your cherubs too. Just beautiful. Also love the article below. You really are talented! I really enjoyed reading about all your accomplishments.
Take care and thanks for the visit. Pam

Distressing Delilah said...

No way! They are gorgeous!

suzanne said...

Those are so darling!!! You lucky girl!!!!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

They are just beautiful. I know all the time it takes in hunting down the gorgeous old rhinestone jewelry. I checked her auctions. Pretty Stuff. Have a wonderful Easter weekend Devonia. ~ Lynn

Deborah said...

Gorgeous! Dripping in jewels...I love it! I'm on my way to eBay!
I love your blog and I will be back!


Miss Rhea said...

Sweet AND Bling, what more could a girl want !! :) Happy Easter !!

Devonia said...

I just wanted to thank you all - I've enjoyed these sweeties so much!

Hope e'body had a wonderful Easter.

My bests,

Angel said...

Wow, Devonia, you have great friends and these things (I just can't find the right words...) they are stunning!!!