Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Fair Lady:Turning A Plain-Jane Country Table Into A Stunning French Beauty

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)I thought it might be fun to walk through the steps that turning a found piece into treasure involve for me.
I started with a nice, sturdy antique/vintage half-moon table with good lines. I was immediately taken with the details on the legs - and the curvy, feminine shape. Still it wasn't a table that worked everywhere or that lended itself to many uses.

After basecoating it with a very neutral sage, it looked like the above photo. Ok, but lacking strong eye-appeal. Truth: This table was a wall flower. My husband notched the back of the table in order to create a great backsplash to the table. (He's soooo handy!) Instantly the table has more significance and possibilities for it's use began to expand.

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Linens and Laurel said...

Thanks so much for that tutorial. I actually have a table similar to that and it needs lots of something. However, I want two homes...a mid-century modern for lazy me to live in and a shabby French to decorate! This is absolutely lovely. I hope it does well for you.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

This is GORGEOUS! I can't believe the transformation you creative in this little "wall-flower" of a table. You are a VERY talented lady, for sure!
Patricia :o)

Diana Lyn said...

Oh My goodness Devonia, I need to hire you to paint me something, you are so frickin Talented, I am so Honored that you share your talent with us all! How lucky we are!~Big Hugs Diana Lyn

Devonia said...

Nan, Patricia, Diana Lyn... (In my best Elvis voice) Thank you, Thank you very much. :) I "lust" after wonderful pieces with potential -It's one of my sins.

Barbara Jacksier said...

Your makeover is amazing. It's hard to believe the finished piece wasn't painted eons ago. Great work.