Thursday, October 20, 2011

Capture the Natural Beauty & Breathtaking Colors of Fall With An Autumn Bouquet of Roses: Created From Maple Leaves

It's a gorgeous weekend here in Dallas. I hope everyone is enjoying this kind of weather. It fills me with energy. My dear husband is off to Canton First Monday. I hope he does really well there. I would ask him to take photos for us all (me too); however, he never has time. And that's a good thing because it means that he is selling. For him, selling means more money to use to hunt and find more treasures to sell to hunt and find... well, you get the idea.

But back to the weather, the leaves are turning, the leaves are falling...

I loved these roses made from leaves! I made a bouquet and it was easy as can be. I used dental floss to tie them - no clue what kind of leaves I used. I think I mixed kinds. *laughing* I tucked my roses into a burlap bag/vase that I made by dipping a large square of burlap into Petal Porcelain, shaping it around a vase and letting it dry. The next morning that burlap had enough body to stand on it's own; all I needed to do was trim away the edges/corners. Remember Petal Porcelain? It was used to make huge bows out of fabric for baskets? Good product.

A step by step photo tutorial is available here.
Wouldn't leaf roses make a gorgeous swag , wreath, or pumpkin topiary?

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