Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming soon: An online vintage mercantile with "A Lotta Vintage"

Hellooooooooo E'body!

It's finally happened. My dear hubby has buried us in vintage finds, all wonderful, but way too much for us to absorb and use. So it's finally come to this - I'm opening an online vintage mercantile, "A Lotta Vintage," soon.

And it's gonna have - well, a lotta vintage ...

I've always thought it was fun to run out and see what he had found and I've shared much of it with you over the years.

Who could forget this wonderful stainless steel medical cabinet? 

But now the man is making things. To-die-for "things" such as lovely harvest tables, with vintage elements in an array of sherbet and neutral shades.

And for months, he has been scrounging the countrysides to find old railroad workers willing to sell industrial carts. My hubby transforms these into coffee tables. I gotta admit, the "after" results  are really, Really, REALLY cool.

Still, the site is in the development stage. I'm pondering including a "library" of wonderful old books, including a cookbook section connected to the kitchen stuff. There will be fun things  from the seventies  and I'm considering a room of "Steampunk" My hubby's "before and after"  projects always win my heart, maybe others will love them as well. I'm looking forward to this and hope it will be as much fun as I think it will be.

Sound off about what you would like to find in a "vintage" online mercantile - all ideas welcomed and appreciated.  I'll update as we make progress on this site. 

My bests 'til then,

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